indy associates NY, inc.


Indy Associates New York is the American subsidiary of Indy Associates, a firm headquartered in Japan. Indy Associates is involved in a diverse group of complimentary businesses: the company produces videos; designs print advertisements; creates sales promotions; manages merchandising projects; develops websites, mobile applications, PC applications, and games; creates computer and traditional animation; runs computer schools in person and online; and recruits IT employees for other firms.

Our company was founded in 1994, and initial focused on video planning and production. As video moves into more and more formats -- from theaters to home televisions to home computers to mobile devices -- Indy Associates has advanced along with the state of the art, and now works extensively with mobile applications and websites.

We opened our United States office in September of 2006, and launched our computer school in 2007.

We are excited about the chance to apply our skills and experience to moving your business foward.

Indy Associates NY